A Rose By Any Other Name

My brain wanders to weird places when I’m awake at 3am.  (Why, hello, insomnia).

It’s when I do some of my best thinking and come up with cool ideas, though.  That time when you’re half awake, half asleep, and you’re not worrying or focused on anything in particular.  All sorts of strange stuff pops into my head.  Like…

Have you ever wondered what you would have named your kid if you didn’t give them the name you did?

Vista was always Vista for us.  There never was another name.

But sometimes I wonder what she would have been if we hadn’t come up with that name.



(yes, I seem to have a small obsession with V names.  Don’t judge).

Or what about people you meet who don’t seem to fit their names?  Who do you think they should be?

My nephew, Sheldon, is like that, for me.  The name just seems to big for him.  And yet I can’t find a way to shorten it.  Shel?  Nah.  Don?  Definitely not.

Maybe I’ll just start calling him Bob…

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