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Follow Friday – Book Bitches

    I have always had my nose stuck in a book.  There’s many a picture of me, from when I was a kid, sitting at a campground during summer holidays curled up with my latest novel, ignoring the beautiful outdoors.

    And truth be told, I’m still the same way.  I love books.  It’s the one thing I don’t get nearly enough time for anymore. I would happily sit all day and read book after book after book if I could.  Yeah, I’m a loser and I’m OK with that.  I’m also one giant ball of useless knowledge, so, word of advice – don’t talk to me unless you want to be irritated by random facts.

    So with in mind, here are the lovely ladies I think you should rush off and talk to:

    Now it’s your turn. If you’d like to play along , then link up, and if you’re so inclined, grab a badge.

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