What the Font?

I just realized I haven’t posted in over a week.   I guess that’s what happens when everyone decides they want new blog designs for BlogHer.   Keeps me busy and out of trouble, but also off my own blog.

And it give me some up close and personal time with my Photoshop.

I have to say it’s probably my most favorite application on my entire computer.  I would cry, like seriously sob, if I ever had to give it up.

It’s an addicting application though.  Dangerously addicting.  There are so many little plugins and actions and brushes available for free on the internet.  It’s hard not to want them all.

My biggest downfall, though, is fonts.

I am a font whore.

There.  I said it.  Now my dirty little secret is out.

I have way too many fonts on my laptop.  It currently sits at 1,623.

That’s down from about 2,300 after I cleaned house and dumped a bunch of fonts that just didn’t tickle my fancy anymore.

Sometimes I’ll spend hours looking for the perfect font for a design.  And half the time I can’t find it in my 1,600+ fonts so I go download new ones.

I’m all about the free fonts on

I drool over the font newsletter I get from

Seriously.  I have issues.

When you spend so much time pouring over the perfect font you start learning things about them.

Like that it’s hard to find a font with a really nice capital K.  (I’m partial to Bickham Script Fancy 2 for that … I used it for Kim’s signature for her BlogHer at Home posts *cough* link NSFW (not safe for work) *cough*

Like how in a lot of script fonts the lower case L’s look like cursive B’s.

Like how so many fonts have flawed letter combinations.

Then there’s fonts that I love but doubt I’ll ever actually find a design I can use it in.  Like Fantastic Pete and Jellyka Castle’s Queen.

Yes, decorative fonts are my special weakness.

My ultimate search, though, has been for the perfect cursive font.  It’s a search that’s taken years and more hours than I’m willing to admit that I’ve wasted looking at different fonts.

Maybe I’ll add it to my bucket list.   Along with ‘Find the perfect decorative font for a tattoo of V’s name on my wrist’.

What?  Doesn’t everyone add fonts to their bucket list??

What fonts am I missing?  What’s your must have design font?  The one you just can’t live with out?  I need to know so I can go download it and feed my obsession.

 What the Font?

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