Infertility vs. Adoption

I think it’s human nature to want what we can’t have.  But what happens when the thing someone wants more than anything else in the world, and can’t have, is a baby?

I understand the frustration, the hurt, the yearning, every single month.  I understand the crying, the aching, while your friends get pregnant when their husbands look at them sideways.

I get it.  I know.  I was there.

But what I don’t understand is when this need for a child starts to cast a bitter, hateful, angry shadow on your life.

If you want a child so badly, so badly that it has become the focus of your whole life, so badly that it’s making you bitter and angry towards those who do have this wonderful new life, so bad you refuse to celebrate others joy – why not adopt?  There are so many children out there needing wonderful, loving parents.  Why not consider this as an option if you’re so desperate to have a child?

Both hubby and I were adopted.  It’s a path we started to walk before I finally did get pregnant.  Just because you didn’t give birth to a child doesn’t make them any less yours.

After the pregnancy, labour complications, and now the genetic issues we have had with Vista, we’ve ruled out having any more children of our own. Some days this makes me sad.  But then I remember, if I really do want another child, I can have one.  All I have to do is start the paperwork.

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