Know It

I own what I say.

I accept sometimes that means eating crow.  So be it.  I still own it.  I’ll apologize if I feel I was wrong.  I’ll clarify things if the situation warrants it.

But please don’t assume you know what I said when you hear it from a third, forth, or fifth party.

If you have an issue with something you *think* I said, then grow a pair and ask me.  If I said it, I’ll own it.  If you need an explanation, I’m usually more than willing to explain the why’s behind it.

And please don’t assume you know exactly how I think based on one supposed 140 characters exchange.  Sometimes words are just words.  There’s not some profound underlying meaning to them.

The fact is, I’m not that fucking deep.

I have neither the time, inclination, or energy to bother to be.

It’s not that I’m shallow.  It’s not that I’m heartless.  It’s not that I’m intentionally cruel or evil.

I say what I mean.

I mean what I say.

I’m a pretty simple person.

And if you think I’m a complete bitch online?  You should meet me in person.

“Never utter these words: ‘I do not know this, therefore it is false.’
One must study to know; know to understand; understand to judge.”
~ Apothegm of Narada

Inappropriate Much?

I’m over invading PigTailPals blog with a rant about a Twitpic that came across my Twitter stream yesterday.

You should go read it.  I mean… would you really want your kid wearing this?

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