I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

It’s September and I’m already thinking about Christmas.  Yeah, shoot me now.  I used to be the biggest procrastinator (think shopping the day before).  Once you have kids, though, it takes more planning.

Most of the stores are starting to put together their Christmas sections (depressing.  Can we wait for Halloween to be over first?).  At least they’re not playing Christmas carols… yet.

All this got Bil and I talking about presents.  I think it’s going to be a much leaner holiday (for a lot of people including us) then it has been in the past.  Which sucks.  I love watching people open presents.

I’m thinking I may have Vista make something for the grandparents.  What I’m not sure yet.

As for bought presents for her, I’m eying one of those Tag Juniors (she loves to read).  But at $50… well.  Perhaps that’ll be her one big gift and we can get her some coloring books, crayons and stickers.  Those are always a hit.

Am I the only one stressing about Christmas already?

Follow Friday – The Shopping Edition

That’s right, it’s Follow Friday time!

This week is the shopping and gifts edition.  So get your credit cards ready.

  • LYIS is a great twitter follow.  And her esty store?  DROOOOOOOOOOL.  I mean, what little girl wouldn’t love this quillow?  (I’m thinking this would make a great Christmas present for Vista)
  • Deidra23 is my IRL (in-real-life) friend.  Yeah, that means the poor girl has to actually put up with me in person. She also owns Johnson Originals with her hubby (Dragonflybytes).  I love, love, love their jewelry.  The only bracelets I wear are the ones she’s made for me.  And if you have to wear a medic alert like I do, she makes custom, interchangeable bracelets that are WAY better than those ugly silver ones.  I get people coming up and complementing me on them all the time.
  • Another Twitter fav of mine is RJFlamingo.  Witty and oh so funny.  In addition to her Flamino Musings blog she also has an estate sale going on where she’s selling her MIL’s jewelry (that’s right mother-in-laws… this is why you should be nice to your daughter-in-laws. *grin*)
  • And finally, Ladybugsgrama.  I totally want her to adopt me.  She is teh awesome.  You can find her hiding out in the Vixen’s Den making aprons for her Apron Frenzy shop.  Trust me, these aren’t your mothers (or grandmother’s) aprons.  These are sexy.  And she even has kids smocks that would be great for painting and crafts (think less laundry)

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