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Milestones. As parents we watch with eagle eyes for our kids to meet these imaginary deadlines. Rolling over, crawling, walking, talking.

Even though Vista missed her milestones for motor skills (we ended up having to teach her how to roll over and crawl at 14mths) the one that always really concerned us was speech.

The ability to communicate trumps all.

Without this we don’t know if they are hungry, tired, hurt, what they want to play with, what they want from us.

We realized early speech was going to be an issue when at 10 mths she wasn’t chattering and babbling like most kids. Could it have just been that she was a quite child? Perhaps, but parents instinct told us probably not.

We evaluated our options.

We could do nothing and wait and see. We could take her into speech therapy.

We chose option 3. We taught her sign language.

Like any good geeks, we turned to the interwebs for advice, reviews, and inspiration.

We picked up a few recommended baby signs books and had… well lets face it, no success what so ever.

We ended up stumbling onto Signing Time purely by accident and with nothing to lose we picked up the the two Baby Signing Time DVD’s they had. They worked wonders for us. We learned, she learned, and we were able to have, well, if not conversations, at least interaction. Within a week she was able to tell us she wanted a bottle, that she wanted more, and she would point to the puppies and sign ‘dog’ enthusiastically.

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As Vista got older, she picked up more signs, we picked up more signs. All her doctors and workers agreed that it was a very good thing that we had made the decision to teach her to sign. Without it we would have had a very frustrated child on our hands.

I’ve been see a lot of posts lately from parents who’s kids seem to be taking their own time learning to talk. I always encourage parents to explore their options in a case like that. Signing may not be right for you and your kids. It does take a level of commitment on the part of parents to learn the signs themselves and use them consistently. If you’re willing to do that, you can open a whole new world and you get to learn a second language.

At 2.5yrs now, Vista is a non-stop talker. But when she’s tired, having problems making herself understood, or just feeling shy, she still reverts to signing. We will forever be thankful that we discovered Signing Time.  It has been a sanity saver in our house.

*no part of this post was sponsored, supported, or anything other than just my opinion of what worked for Vista.  YMMV*

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