A New Freedom

The past couple weeks have flown by.  We’ve been immersed in a flurry of assessments and activities for Vista.

She started preschool this week, with her aide, Lynda.  It went better than everyone thought it would.  Lynda has been a huge help in managing her tantrums and heading them off before they begin.  She’s been able to very quickly pick up Vista’s cues that she’s getting overwhelmed.

And for the first time, yesterday, Vista was able to tell another kid at her therapy group “No. Stop.  I’m playing with that toy,” rather than dissolving into an instant puddle of hysterics. It’s something so small, but such a huge thing in V’s world for her to be able to do that.

I’ve also discovered that when you’re trying to dress a kicking, screaming, squirming, crying child who is refusing to leave an activity, it’s MUCH easier with another set of hands.

Having Vista’s aide has been such a huge stress release, I can’t even begin to describe it. Even the ability to go out and do things with V in the community has been huge.  It’s a freedom we’ve never experienced before.

We also received Vista’s IPP (Individual Program Plan) today.  This is a document where each of her therapists lay out the specific, measurable goals for Vista over the next few months and how we’re going to achieve them.  It also gives her aide a framework of things to be working on with Vista in the classroom and out in the community.

In addition to her aide, V will be working with a physical therapist, an occupational therapist,  a behavior consultant, and a learning support teacher.  They’re also going to be adding a speech therapist into that mix, as well.

It means our days are booked solid.


It’s so worth it.  We’re already starting to see small improvements in her behavior.

The fact that I’m not so stressed and butting heads with her all the time, also means the quality of my relationship with my daughter has improved dramatically.

And that makes us both happy.

Therapy. We Needs It

Conversations in our house are never normal.  Sometimes they’re weird.  Sometimes they’re scary.  Sometimes they’re borderline psychotic.  Kinda like me.


*standing in the kitchen talking to Bil while I fill a glass with ice*

Me: “Do I ever scare you? I mean, do you ever worry that one day you’re going to come home to find I’ve finally totally and completely lost it?”

Bil: “There’s an ice pick in the drawer over there….”

Me: “Right.  Okay then.”


Bil: “God… another damn email with Microsoft trying to convince the world how awesome SharePoint is.”

Me: “Isn’t it awesome?”

Bil: “Have you read my blog and twitter stream??”

Me: “Well…why do you specialize in it, then?”

Bil: “You can still specialize in something if it sucks.”

Me: “Good point.  I want to specialize in something that sucks too…. What sucks?”

Bil: “Pauly Shore?”

Me: “Perfect.  Going to watch Encino Man now.”


*Vista’s playing with her toys and she has Little People horse.  She’s making neighing sounds that are progressively getting louder and angrier sounding*

Me: “Vista, it sounds like you have a very disagreable horse there.  Maybe he needs to be put down.”

Bil: “I wonder if they make the Fisher Price Glue Factory?  *in his best announcer voice* Now with real glue sounds!”

Me: “I meant she had to put the toy down, not kill the horse…”

Bil: “Oh…right….”


So, yeah… if anyone can recommend a good therapist…

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