Coffee’s Not Enough

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Image by goosmurf via Flickr

There are some days when a regular cup of coffee is just not enough.

Days when Vista decides to get up at 4am would be a prime example of this.

Rather than get in the truck and drive all the way to the next town to get a Starbucks (because, let’s be honest – I’m too lazy and Starbucks isn’t open at 4am), I resort to a glass of Ca phe sua da. Also known as Vietnamese iced coffee.

Only problem is – I don’t have the nice little setup to brew it the traditional way.  So at home I  resort to:

Jenn’s Ghetto Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  • Make some espresso.  Or a pot of really strong coffee.  Or go super ghetto (like me at 4am) and just make double strength instant coffee.
  • Put about 2 tablespoons (or more if you like it sweeter) of sweetened condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk.  You need the sweet thick stuff) into a glass.
  • Add a little bit of your coffee to the milk just to dissolve it a bit.
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  • Pour the rest of your coffee over the ice cubes.
  • Stir and enjoy.
  • Make it through the day sane.

You’re welcome.

 Coffees Not Enough

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