Therapy Fund

Anyone who knows me knows that any kid of mine is going to need serious therapy.  Add Bil into that mix and Vista doesn’t have a hope in hell of ever being normal.  I mean we named her Vista.  Do you need more proof than that?  You do?  Really?  OK, fine.  You asked for it.

  • We may have tried to teach V to say “Bow-chica-bow-wow” to my mom.  Maybe.
  • Then we tried to teach her to call my mom “Bat” (yeah, there’s a story behind that)
  • We encourage her to walk around with her arms out yelling “brraaaaains”
  • Bil, as an artist himself, has been teaching her how to draw zombies.
  • Watching Monty Python and Red vs Blue is highly encouraged in our house
  • Quoting lines from Monty Python and Red vs Blue is highly encouraged in our house
  • Which is why she will occasionally walk around the house saying “I’m an alien”
  • The dogs have, on occasion, absconded with her teddy bears and beheaded them
  • And after beheading them, they would destuff them and leave their mangled carcasses for her to find (they know better now…sort of)
  • I might have taught her to call her dad a fuck-tard the other day (but he totally deserved it… I think.  I can’t remember what he did, but I’m sure it must have been something bad)
  • We let her walk around in outfits like this

VwithBlackSocks 171x300 Therapy Fund

Yeah, we are just high class all the way around here.  Screw the college fund.  We’re saving up for a personal psychiatrist for her.

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