My Mom Wants To Be A Vampire

Friday morning I packed up Vista, made the hour drive into the city, and we went to the zoo with my mom and nephew.

It was nice to spend the day just hanging out, seeing the few animals that could weather the heat, and watching the kids play.

I always find it interesting to watch the dynamic between my nephew, Sheldon, and Vista.  He’s a year younger, but physically more coordinated and stronger than V is.  While she is far beyond him in the language and communication area.

As they made their way together through the playground, they were always watchful of each other, making sure they knew where the other was at all times.  Sheldon would show V how to navigate the playground equipment as they talked back and forth in their own made-up sign language.

As they ran around playing, I had to constantly remind Vista to slow down so her asthma wouldn’t kick in.  Of course, that means nothing to a 4yr old, so eventually we had to sideline her as she sat there and did a round of inhalers to stop the coughing.  I’m hopeful that one day we’ll have her asthma under control enough that I won’t ever have to tell her to stop playing.

Afterwards we headed back to Mom’s and sat chatting in the shade on the deck while kids ran around the yard (where do they get the energy??).

“I’m thinking of changing my hair style when I go to get my hair cut tomorrow,” my mom mentioned as we sat sipping our coffee.

Me: “Oh?  What are you thinking of doing?”.

Mom: “I want something wispy… you know…,”  as she feathered out the back of her hair.

Me: “What?  Like Farrah Fawcett wispy?”

Mom: “No, no… just something that sort of flips out at the ends…”


I immediately had a idea of what she was describing.  I pulled out my phone, browsed and pulled up a picture to show her.


Me: “You mean like this?” showing mom the phone.

Mom: “Yes!  Like that.  Maybe not that it sticks out quite as much, but that’s the general idea.”

I doubled over in laughter.

Mom: “What’s so funny??”

Me: “You do know who that picture was that I showed you, don’t you?”

Mom: “No……..”

Me: “Well, just tell your hairdresser that you want to look like Alice Cullen from the Twilight series and you’ll be fine.”


Yup.  My mom wants her hair like this:

alicecullen 241x300 My Mom Wants To Be A Vampire

So there’s only two real questions…

1) Is she Team Edward or Team Jacob… and..

2) When is she going to start sparkling?

Put A Leash On Your Kid!

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s parents who have no control over their children.  Their kids are always underfoot and it drives me insane.  You want to yell at the kids “Where the hell are your parents?!?”.  I mean, is no one watching them??

Probably because karma is a bitch has a sense of humor, this pretty much describes my kid these days.

I was thinking about taking Vista to the zoo today, but the last time we went it was…difficult. She’s starting to want to walk around more and not be in the stroller, which is fine. But the problem is, she runs off constantly. And she HATES holding my hand while walking (entirely too much physical contact for her). So taking her to the zoo myself means I can’t bring the stroller (ever tried to run after a toddler while controlling a stroller in a busy place? Doesn’t work so well, trust me. And you get a lot of pissed off people when you almost run over their kids who are also running amok), which means carrying a very heavy 30 lb kid when she gets tired and doesn’t want to walk anymore.

51jv4ArrnRL. SL160  Put A Leash On Your Kid! Put A Leash On Your Kid!
I’ve seen parents with these kid harnesses (aka leashes for your children). I think it might be a good idea, but I just hate the fact that it screams “I can’t control my 2 year old”. Even if that is true. I don’t really need to broadcast that to the world. And I have a big mouth. So if some opinionated person happened to say something, I might just end up telling them where to go and the shortest way to get there. Anyway, I guess what I’m asking is this: Are there other options? Something I’m missing? Things that have worked for your kids?

So there’s the leashing issue. Out in the open. Now to find out if they sell muzzles for kids too. Definitely going to need one of those when she’s a teenager

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